Full Membership of APMC

Full Membership of the Association of Professional Mole Catchers is applicable to commercial mole catchers in the UK and who operate in a way that meets with APMC's definition of Professional Mole Catcher.

Association of Professional Mole Catchers

APMC applies the following criteria for Full Membership:

  • must be persons actively involved in commercial mole control and who practice mole control using mole 'kill' traps only, also
  • must be mole catchers whose livelihood or an identifiably separate part of their livelihood and business presentation identifies them as a commercial mole catcher.

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Benefits Attached To Full Membership

Full Membership of APMC offers several advantages to professional mole catchers.

  • Support:
    APMC can help you!
  • Protection:
    APMC works toward keeping your mole catching interests safe.
  • Momentum:
    APMC invests in moving occupational mole catching forward.

Full Membership can also offer several interactive opportunities to professional mole catchers.

For example:

  • APMC works closely with mole catchers enrolled as Full Members when determining the services it delivers and how it develops policy.
  • Any Full Member who wishes to present an idea (or concern, or whatever) for consideration by the Association can expect that interest to be considered formally, fairly and thoroughly by APMC, and will receive a full and recorded response.
  • Also, any Full Member might apply to be considered for co-option to APMC's Working Committee as an office bearer, or might be invited for co-option.