APMC Policy

The Association of Professional Mole Catchers formulates and develops policy through considering carefully the views and opinions contributed by its members, Affiliates, and other groups and entities connected with APMC and mole control generally.

Overall Aim
To encourage excellence in the practical art of professional mole catching through engaging constructively with mole catchers, allied interests and industries, and the general public.
Specific Aims
In pursuit of its overall aim, APMC identifies and engages generally with securing and improving the following sectors associated with mole catching:
  • Professional Standards
  • Practical Skills
  • Equipment
  • Education
  • Training
  • Professional Development
  • Public Awareness & Understanding
  • Environmental & Wildlife Issues
  • Legislative Issues
APMC seeks commonly and throughout its specific aims to protect and maintain the identity of mole catching as a distinct and identifiably independent occupational discipline.
Outcomes describe the benefits of the changes APMC seeks to achieve

Focussing on outcomes helps APMC to apply quantitative and/or qualitative measures when assessing the value and effectiveness of its aims and objectives.
APMC's objectives are the focussed activities the Association invests in to service its specific aims.

To achieve its objectives APMC might engage with and/or provide assistance or support to service providers, special interest groups, and other professional bodies and client groups connected with mole catching.
Outputs are the services APMC delivers and the activities the Associaion undertakes in pursuance of its objectives